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 "Legend has it that the word 'Honeymoon' derives from the ancient custom of giving newlyweds enough mead to last a month"
-Matthew DeBord
Honey Wine, also known as "Mead", dates back to at least 7000 B.C. Honey wine is a mixture of honey, water, yeast, and other added compounds depending on regional traditions. Honey comes in many different varietal depending of the flowers the bees visited . . . each with unique flavors and sweetness. Many different factors affect the taste of mead. These factors include the type of honey (over 300 varieties in the US alone!), additives (fruit, hops, & spices . . . even grapes!), yeast, and the aging procedure. The terminology is similar to describing red or white wine. Simply put -- Mead is Wine made from Honey. View our Meads.

Mead--Fermented Honey (Honey Wine)

Melomel--Honey and a Fruit Fermented together

Cyser--Honey and Apples Fermented together

Pyment--Honey and Grapes Fermented together

Metheglin--Honey and Herbs Fermented together; also has been know as "folk medicine" or "healing liquor"
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