Pecan Honeydew Mead

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Pecan Honeydew Mead is a very limited edition mead made from rare Pecan Honeydew Honey, and it is only available while supplies last! 15% alcohol by volume.


Pecan Honeydew Honey is a natural miracle. This luxuriously rich and nutty honey is not one that bees can make on their own. When aphids infest a Pecan Tree, they suck on the leaves and leave the tree dripping with this sticky sweet sap-like liquid. Bees, if they are near enough, and if all other nectar sources are dried up, will collect it and turn it into honey (the same way they turn nectar into honey), filling their hive with one of the most unique tasting honeys we’ve ever experienced. The conditions required for bees to make a sizeable amount of Pecan Honeydew Honey --without it being diluted by honeys from other nectar sources, like clover or wildflowers-- are extremely rare. In the summer of 2014, Mother Nature smiled upon our beehives. After all of the wildflowers had dried up, a group of our hives just across the road from the Honey Farm found themselves with nothing to feed on but the Pecan Trees overhead, dripping with Honeydew. That year we were blessed enough to extract more than a thousand pounds of Pecan Honeydew Honey. It’s likely we won’t see another crop like that in a lifetime. A mere 10 gallons of that crop was set aside for Mead Making.

Fermented, aged, and bottled, here it is. This mead has not been filtered or processed in any way. No extra ingredients have been added. Nature had more of a hand in making this than we did. Let’s raise a glass and celebrate the fact that we are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to taste it. Cheers.