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About Us

G. C. "Clint" Walker, Sr.—Grandpa--started beekeeping in 1930 during the height of the Great Depression. Over the years we have continued to hone the art of honey bee husbandry. Knowing the best nectar and pollen producing plants, the times and conditions for optimal production, and understanding the interplay of Texas soils and climates with these plants . . . all of these are our stock in trade. 
We've seen a lot of Texas with our bees. And even though the work is hard we have retained a love for our craft. Along the way most members of a sizeable clan of Walkers have earned a few stripes in the bee fields. It’s always been a family business that engaged all of Clint's sons as well as many of the grandchildren and some in-laws. 
Clint's second son and namesake, G.C. Jr., followed in his father’s steps and enlarged them--building the business over six decades into one of the most well-respected beekeeping operations in Texas. In 1994 Clint (the third!) and Janice took over operations.
Their vision guides what remains a small family farm. While they have innovated and expanded, they remain committed to the fundamentals that built this lasting enterprise: hard work, respect for nature, simple methods, and community. It is our desire that Walker Honey Farm preserve and grow it's presence as a valued member of the farm community responding to the evolving needs of the communities in which we live and work. 
We believe that Dancing Bee Winery is a natural evolution of our "Bees to You" philosophy that has served us well for 80 plus years. We sincerely hope you agree. Come by for a visit. ​                    


Creating new exciting products from honey has always been our passion. Honey Wine is a logical and intuitive expansion of our offerings from the hive. Dancing Bee Winery has been opened since September 2011.

The name "Dancing Bee" came from one of the ways Honey bees communicate with one another. By far the most elaborate and linguistically intense way bees talk to each other is with a dance language. How could you not like a creature whose highest form of communication is dance? Bees do their favorite dance on the surface of the honey comb. With their signature waggle or figure eight dance the bees are able to accurately direct their flora foraging sisters to sweet sources over two miles away in any compass direction with an accuracy of ten feet within a 16 square mile area encompassing over 10,000 acres of ground.

​Dancing Bee Winery is the first winery in the Central Texas area with a main focus on Honey Wine. There are many wineries in Texas but few with the opportunity to experience the unique taste of Honey Wine - Mead. Our Mission is to produce a wide variety of Honey Wines-Mead-using exceptional ingredients to create different flavors of Honey Wine-Mead- for our customers to experience. Our Goal is to engage Central Texas and visitors to the area in the craft of Mead.

With enthusiastic employees and innovative ideas, we will continue to bring our customers premium products and service. We treat our customers as though they are a part of our family. We wish to provide them with an unforgettable experience that is personable, relaxing, and enjoyable. Thank you for your excitement about the Dancing Bee Winery. From all of us at Dancing Bee Winery. Experience. Enjoy!